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Easily manage your enterprise blockchain
ecosystem through a simple user interface.

Managing your enterprise blockchain is difficult

Blockchain and its promising technology could provide immense value to your business. What you’ll probably realise sooner than later is that it’s not that easy to implement.

Slow development
Slow development
Writing dedicated blockchain applications
is expected to take months to develop
Error prone
Error prone
Smart contract are prone to human error
which will risk your business integrity
Hard to achieve privacy
Hard to achieve privacy
Implementing access control over
confidential and personal data is difficult
Cumbersome integration
Cumbersome integration
Existing systems introduce more hassles,
especially with an on-premises setup

Introducing BlockCluster’sBlockchain Management System

BlockCluster’s BMS includes a rich catalog of cloud services which allows you to customly build and deploy business blockchain applications rapidly — a few clicks aways.

Build & deploy in no time
Build & deploy in no time
Setup your blockchain network within a few
clicks or API calls without writing any code
No knowledge required
No knowledge required
Blockcluster let’s you configure your
digital assets without writing smart contracts
Secure and reliable
Secure and reliable
Highly secure access control
and privacy over data using proxy re-encryption
Easy integration & scalable
Easy integration & scalable
Whether hosted on the cloud or on premises,
BlockCluster’s integration is simple

Blockchain automagically

BlockCluster automatically sets up your nodes, writes your smart contracts and auto generates your API endpoints.

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Asset management
Digitalization of assets
This process eliminates much of the friction involved of holding, storing, and transferring a asset.
Cross chain asset exchange
Interoperable assets means you are able to exchange your assets across different networks atomically
Privacy and Advanced Permissioning
You can distribute control over assets and manage visibility of assets.
Building blocks for blockchain
Run anywhere
Take the advantage to run your infrastructure anywhere - on-premises, hybrid or cloud.
Auto generate API’s
Use secure REST API’s to interact with your blockchain.
Advanced querying
Query smart contracts and assets using familiar NoSQL query language style

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