Platform Add-ons

Tools and services for developing and extending your DApp. Our add-ons helps your DApp achieve next-level of decentralization, customization and automation.

Plug and play services

In various use-cases, a dynamo based private network is not enough to make your dapp completely decentralized. BlockClutser's cloud services marketplace aims to provide you everything you need for your dapp.

Now you can provision, configure and deploy various protocols, apps, services and tools with a click. We automate the build and scalability of your preferred features.

Hyperion - Store Files

Hyperion is IPFS Cluster-as-a-Service. It scales on-demand according to your storage requirements. You can choose to upload files to a specific geo-graphic location to adhere to regulatory compliances.

It enables you to store and share files with others using just file's unique fingerprint.
* Bill amount will be either total storage fees or subscription fees depending on whichever is greater

Paymeter - Create Wallets

It provides APIs for integrating ETH and ERC20 tokens in your dapp. Features include instant internal transactions settlement, supports any ERC20 token support, gas tank for easing ERC20 transfer.

We only charge for deposits from external wallets.
* Bill amount will be either total transaction fees or subscription fees depending on whichever is greater

PrivateHive - HL's Fabric

PrivateHive allows you to use Hyperledger's Fabric as your choice of blockchain protocol instead of default dynamo protocol. It let's you easily provision channels, kafka based ordering service, private data, CouchDB and so on.

We support Hyperledger's Fabric version 1.4.0.
Monthly Orderer Price
$1499 for Kafka
$99 for Solo
* Cost for Light peer nodes is $99/mon whereas Power peer nodes is $299/mon

Enterprise license

All the addons are supported in the enterprise license also. The pricing for each addon varies in enterprise license.

You can choose to opt in or out of certain addons according to your needs.

List your tool

We are looking to partner with various blockchain protocol providers, oracle services and dapps to provide their tools and applications as a service integrated in BlockCluster.

If you are protocol or tool provider and you wish to see your dapp provided as a service in blockcluster then kindly contact us.