On-Demand Nodes

BlockClusters provides two offerings,
on-cloud and on-premises


BlockCluster’s On-Demand Blockchain Nodes let you pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of setting up blockchain nodes securely.

The pricing below includes the cost to run Light and Power Blockchain nodes i.e., development and production grade nodes.

Light nodes

These nodes are used for developing and testing your decentralized application or for experimenting BlockCluster’s capabilities. They are good to go with transactions and events which don’t need an instant response and networks with low transactions volume.

Light Nodes can handle a very limited TPS and search queries.
0.5 vCPU
5GB storage
* Ram can exceed upto 1.2GB incase of required boost

Power nodes

These nodes are optimal for production or to simulate a production scenario. They provide on-demand performance and customisable disk space. These nodes sync blockchain in real-time and posses the ability to achieve 1k TPS.

Power nodes can scale on-demand. Whatever your scale be, we got you covered.
2 vCPU
200GB storage


You can install BlockCluster on-premise on your local servers, hybrid IT, public clouds and private cloud by purchasing our enterprise license. Our automation tools and PSO experts help you setup blockcluster across any infrastructure without any hassle.

It works independently of any infrastructure and seamlessly across multiple geo servers.

Enterprise License

BlockCluster Enterprise lets you achieve your goals by securing data as per your regulatory compliances.

This gives you the ability to further decentralise your application and control its data and accounts.